The Inspinglia War was a severe battle taking place in Venice, Italy. Historians believe it may have happened anywhere between the 1300's up to the early 2000's. It involved The Shitclown of She-Tah-Posets, also known as Inspinglia, who had usurped the throne from King Waloogy, fighting off an army called Geno Yesevil who seemed to be under the command of The Pale King aka Trefoil Beard. Records of this war are documented under strange iconography that depict many prominent figures such Shadow Swoop (Lord of Rivers and Streams), Falchion Para Numeral (Governor of Souls), Symphony Vagabond (Quencher of Thirst), Graham Burgur (A local stoic faced man who does japery) and of course Inspingla and Trefoil themselves. Other iconography include less prominent figures such as Violet Bull Borb, a local viking, and one particular wooden doll. Everyone in this war has died and none remain.

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